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Oct 7, 2012 9:00am EDT
, with his plan, it is hiding behind door number 3, with carol merrill and his undisclosed tax returns. >> you know... really, the lines are great, but, chris, the bottom line is this: his budget, tax increase on i don't believe creators, budget gimmicks, and, brings us to $25 trillion in debt over ten years. in fact, this president has added more debt than any other president. >> not true. >> he said he'd cut the deficit in half... >> well, senator... senator. >> four years of trillion dollar deficit. >> you know, you are in the united states. >> it is not true he said he'd -- >> $10 trillion is what he inherited and you should know the deficit is now 15 or $16 trillion, and it's not true, when -- you say it and you repeated it. >> he has added more debt than any other president. >> that is not true. >> any other president. >> no, it is not true. >> chris: let me just -- >> president bush left him with a $10 trillion deficit. >> 4.7 -- >> i said idle be tougher than jim lehrer and i'm going to be. what didn't come up in the debate is the fiscal cliff of tax increases come at the end o
Oct 31, 2012 9:00am EDT
stuck. oh my goss. cnn's jasoo caroll stumbled on a scuba diier prepared for floodinn near his ootti have scuba gear, surfboards, i have kayak. ssme whh boarded up left deeiant messages o the storm, comparing her to hurricane irene..."hey sandy, irene left hurriiane storm, comparing irenee.."hey sandd, irene left her panties here,,come try them on." but rporters werrn't so full of bravadd...when the wiid left a crane dangling over manhattaa... (nats) i don't mean toossund chicken but as soon s we saw and wee &psaw it danglinggwe started runnnng from 57th. hhrricanes and higg risss don't mmx. (nats) uh oh we just had lass breaking out heee, we just had glass breaking. for some it (nats))oo even dress up like a shirtlesssman jogging wearing a horreemask the hurricann horse later tweeted out a picture of himself. butt reporters don'tt lways appreciatt prannsters behiid their baaks... nats) big guy there ou can go talk to people ater who llse theii homes. ffom a fake horse to a real deer. wwbc reports this one was rescuee afttr imagine getting that deer in the headlights look f
Oct 16, 2012 9:00pm EDT
want to ask carol goldberg to stand up. >> the outsourcing of american jobs overseas has taken a toll on our emy. what plans do you have to put back and keep jobs here in united states? >> great question. you're absolutely right. the place we have seen manufacturing go is china. a lot of good people have lost jobs. half a million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the last four years. one of the reasons for that is people think it is more attractive to go offshore than to stay here. we have made it less attractive for enterprises to stay here than to go offshore. what i will do as president is to make sure it is more attractive to come to america again. this is the way we will create jobs in this country. it is not by trickle-down government. trickle-down government has never worked, never worked anywhere. i want to make america the most attractive place in the world for small business, for big business, to invest and grow in america. we're gong to have to make sure that as we trade with other nations, that they play by the rules. china has not. one of the ways they did not play by
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3